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Introducing $MMT: Music’s Brand New Token.

Get Tickets To The World’s Biggest Artists, For Less. 

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Celebrate our launch with the MMT Taylor Swift Ticket Raffle! To enter, simply tell us your favourite Taylor Swift song and why. This is your chance to win a ticket to see Taylor perform LIVE on her record-breaking Era’s Tour in New Jersey, on May 28 at MetLife Stadium!

This isn’t just luck, your connection to Taylor’s music matters. We’re excited to hear your heartfelt stories. Good luck, Swifties!

~$1 USD EACH (MMT equivalent)

It's All In The Utility

SIMPLY Owning MMT gets you access to the biggest artists, for less.

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Stream Live

Stream Live has mobile apps on iOS and Android and allow anyone to download register and watch the worlds biggest Music Concerts.

Whether you’re a die-hard music fan, or a casual listener, you’ll be able to find the content you’re looking for and connect with artists in a whole new way.

Best Artists

Stream Live has provided content with some of the biggest artists in the world, featuring Migos, Rick Ross, Trippie Redd, Polo G, Tate McRae & more.

Customizable StreamSpace

Don't just watch a live-stream on Stream Live, experience it in a whole new way. Find hundreds of unique StreamSpace's that you can join to enjoy the show.

Engage With Other Fans

Not only do the StreamSapce's provide a unique space to enjoy live-streamed shows, you can engage with other fans in the chat as you all enjoy your favorite artists live.

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Music Metaverse Token

Promote to Earn

Stream Live’s vision is to offer the best and most immersive live-streaming experience for music concerts by allowing users to create, curate, and promote their StreamSpace within the Stream Live platform. These concert halls are a brand new feature and will allow promoters to not only own their own customizable digital space, but also “Promote to Earn”, whilst giving fans access to exclusive VIP experiences that can only be accessed using MMT coins.

The goal is to become the leading platform for music artists, promoters, and fans to connect, interact, and create memorable experiences – and this is the only beginning.

Music's New Token

MMT provides music fans the chance to see the world’s biggest artists for less, just through owning MMT. Buy tickets to concerts, enter raffles to get access to sold-out events or even make in-app purchases on StreamLive. Owning MMT means you can sit back & enjoy the show.

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Our Roadmap

Our Vision and Direction


Our Team

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Join us on this journey to a brighter future for music.

Purchase our tokens today and become part of a community that is changing the game.

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I am beyond thrilled! Words can't fully express my gratitude. Upon receiving TAYLOR SWIFT Tickets with MMT, I was so excited that I couldn't help but let out a joyous scream! Thank you again for this incredible experience.
Mia Doe
Music Enthusiast


Most frequent questions and answers

$MMT (Music Metaverse Token) is a new and cutting-edge utility token focused on the music industry, and even more specifically around the live streaming industry. As the native token for the leading live streaming application, Streamlive, MMT provides an avenue for compensation for users participating in the world’s first decentralized concert promotion platform. 

Decentralized Exchange – Uniswap

Buy MMT peer-to-peer. With a DEX like Uniswap, you can trade without giving control of your funds to a centralized company. Simply set up a wallet through either Metamask (recommended), WalletConnect, Coinbase or Uniswap directly, and you will be able to buy & sell MMT through the Uniswap platform.

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– As a utility token, being a holder of $MMT comes with numerous benefits and rewards such as:

        – Access to discounted concert tickets or early bird tickets

        – Exclusive access to VIP experiences 

        – Special promotions or giveaways 

        – Access to exclusive merchandise 

        – Early access to new music releases or exclusive content from $MMT affiliated artists


The only way to purchase tickets with MMT is through the MMT ticketing platform,

Please note: you must have a valid Ticketmaster account to purchase tickets with MMT.

$MMT’s revenue streams include the following:

        – Acquisition of $MMT by decentralized concert promoters within the Stream Live application wanting to make in-app purchases to enhance their digital concert halls

        – Acquisition of $MMT by music fans within the Stream Live application wishing to purchase a subscription to the Stream Live application in order to enjoy a better experience on the application 

        – Acquisition of $MMT by fans looking to take advantage of $MMT rewards such as discounted IRL concert tickets and early bird tickets

$MMT is groundbreaking in that it enables anyone to become a concert promoter without ever needing to step outside their home. $MMT provides a pathway for the compensation of digital concert promoters in proportion to the fan base that those promoters bring to their digital concert halls to watch live streaming concerts and socialize simultaneously. For three years, Stream Live has been committed to the digitization and disruption of the live music industry, and $MMT is the latest iteration of this endeavour. 


To own MMT, you must have a crypto wallet. The easiest way to set this up is to go through Uniswap to buy MMT, and set-up a wallet when you are proceeding through the purchasing phase. Uniswap will prompt you when you are required to sign-up.

You can purchase tickets to our upcoming events through our ticketing platform,

Please note: you must have a valid Ticketmaster account to purchase tickets with MMT.